Tips to having a successful & stress free MOVE

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Moving out can be a real pain but it doesn’t need to be. Here are a few helpful hints to make your move a smooth transition. The earlier you can finish the moving process the quicker you can start hanging those new curtains or moving in that new furniture you bought.


  1. Start packing really EARLY– you may think it’s not important to start so early consider this; you can rummage through items that you may no longer use or want. You may even want to sell some things that no longer are of use to you but someone may love and make a few dollars in the process. Why move extra things to your new home you no longer use or want.
  2. Organization is key– Organize your boxes by room and itemize what’s in each box, perhaps even take a picture of all items that will be placed in that particular box. This will help eliminate confusion when placing your boxes in your new home. Keep a handy notepad for things such as: moving truck reservations, any reference numbers, mover’s cell number, your new address for quick reference.
  3. Amalgamate your belongings– A great tip that has been most helpful are dressers, suitcases, anything where you can pack things in to reduce the number of boxes you use. Shrink wrap these tightly to avoid anything breaking or falling apart or while transferring into the moving truck.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help– If you have hired movers that’s great, but don’t be afraid to ask friends and family members for help. The more movers you have the faster the move will go.
  5. Move delicate items prior to the actual move date– If at all possible move things like fragile items, breakables, suitcases of clothing. Things that you can grab that would only take up extra space in the, this will avoid damaging any of your valuables.
  6. Prepare everything the night before– The day of your move, the only thing you should be focused with is the actual move. So cleaning out the cupboards, last minute repairs on the walls, cleaning out the fridge should all be completed ahead of time. So you don’t lose focus. Ensure to keep a tote bag of things you may need at your fingertips so that you are not struggling to find them. You may want to contact the truck rental and any friends that are helping out to confirm the time they are expected.
  7. Packing Strategically– When loading the truck, be sure to pack the large and heavy items first, then your boxes & bags, continue to load items from largest to smallest to ensure you can fit all of the larger boxes first. If you think you will need quick access to at your new place leave it till last for easy access, as it will be the first thing to come out of the truck.

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